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During Covid lockdown
During Covid lockdown period I continued teaching music through online platforms like skype and zoom. This situation opened up opportunities to reach out to international students. Our Saptswara Music Academy is instrumental in spreading the love of music through various interesting initiatives like the academy students get an opportunity to perform and shine at an online music concert every 4 months. All our teachers are masters in music and other courses offered through the Academy (i.e Yoga, Zumba, Instrumental & Classical, Semi-classical music)

Team of master levels highly qualified teacher are welcoming you to learn various forms of Devine Indian classical music as well as western classic music with an opportunity to performing on various platforms including social media. ( Online & Offline)
Students get complete freedom of choice in selecting the type, be it classical or semi-classical. So if a student learning classical music receives free preparation lessons if they prefer to perform a semi-classical song. People who are short on time but love to learn music have an option of continuous learning in 15 days which covers 10 songs based on light music. Students can also opt for short duration lessons like book an hour session and learn a song in that session.
These options provide flexibility and convenience based on the needs and requirements of the students.More importantly Saptswara Academy prepares students for Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Examinations through Mrs Padmashri Malavade personal guidance.
I encourage starting this “Sangeet Sadhana” at a young age thus making it possible to earn a degree in music along with other preferred academic degrees. This enables students to acquire in-depth knowledge of music turning them into devoted and mature artists with a strong base. The best part of this whole process is that students upon earning these formal degrees can start their own music academies and contribute towards passing on our rich musical heritage.

I truly hope that I have convinced you to embark upon this musical journey with me and look forward to teaching you.
Saptswara Academy providing online/offline music coaching classes worldwide in various countries like INDIA, USA, UK ,CANADA, DUBAI with team of honorable teachers having masters degree in their art forms strictly.






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About :

Vidushi Padmashri Malavade (Founder)

I have loved music from a very tender age. My favorite childhood hobby was to hum and sing along to Latadidi and Ashatai’s songs. I started taking primary music lessons from Mrs. Kavita Gadgil. I eventually received Sangeet Visharad and Sangeet Alankar. I was very fortunate to come in contact with well-known singer, great guru and international singer Mrs Padmatai Talvalkar (Pune) whose guidance has been immensely invaluable.
I also received precious music lessons from great maestro and international singer Pandit Vijayji Koparkar. I got a chance to give many music performances on All India Radio.I have received awards in several music ,dance and beauty contests. I have acted as a judge in various music shows and have been performing classical,semiclassical and light music concerts in different cities. I have been teaching music to numerous students for more than 30 years.

faculties Including :

Providing Online and Offline music classes of its all faculties Including


1) Hindustani classical
2) Karnataka Classical
3) Light music


1) Kathak Classical
2) Bharatanatyam Classical
3) Western Dance
4) Bolly Kathak


1) Harmonium. (5) Flute
2) Tabla (6) Pakhwaj
3) Synthesizer (7) Sitar
4) Guitar

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Learning should go on & on !

Vandana Karale New Jersey, USA

It has been an exceptional experience to learn from Saptswara Music Academy. Where we understands n learn all aspects of music. Focusing towards develop voice, help sing all kind of compositions. I have learned to be a good student and how to be dedicated and work .Padmashri madam who has created such deep love for music in me.

Aniket Kadam India

Whatever I achieved in music sector is only because of saptsawara academy and I am grateful to have such a great mentor Padmashri Malvade Mam in this academy. I have learned to be a good student and how to be dedicated and work .Padmashri madam who has created such deep love for music in me.

Anupama Aafale USA

Its just a year of learning music at Saptaswara Academy and I am already receiving positive feedback from family and friends on my improved voice quality . Lots more to learn from my Guru Padamshree Madam !!!

Hrushikesh Kadam India

You can totally be assured of beautiful and amazing vocal transformation and change in your singing approach with padmashree mams training...!!!